General terms & Conditions of Sale.

Guarantee and Claim

Under normal flight/shipment conditions, our records have shown more than 98% alive on arrival at destination airport.

Claims on DOA (Death On Arrival) must be submitted by purchaser in two reports.

  1. The Initial DOA Report must be submitted within 4 hours of shipment delivery. Without the Initial DOA Report any claim of DOA will not be valid and thus will not be accepted. 

  2. The Final DOA Report is optional and if needed must be submitted within 24 hours of shipment arrival. If the Final DOA Report is not received, the claim will be bound to the Initial DOA Report.

Photographic evidence of any DOA may be required and must be submitted to us by email for verification and acknowledgement as soon as they’re requested.

We only accept quality pictures which clearly reveal the quantity in detail of the DOA reported. If the pictures don’t show clearly the quantity, the DOA claim will not be accepted. Our guarantee does not cover the shipping cost, applicable packing charge or required documents.

Losses due to carrier delay or mishandling must be filed with the airline. If no airline claim is filed you will not be entitled to their credit and we will demand full payment of the invoice.

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